Artist Statement 

My studio investigation is a search for beauty through simplicity and imperfection. My wares are made for intimate conversations with their user- connected through function, ritual, and history. I strive to make work which inspires creative decisions through utility and action, hoping to slow down time and allow for a moment of exhale. I am fascinated with the traditions associated with pottery and invested in the craft and humility this practice entails.

Themes of commerce, commodity, and exchange are highlighted through the nature that is functional pottery. How are these items traded? What do they say about the industry of ceramics? The exchange of labor for money? How does narrative come into this? The nuances of labor, economy, and a personal awareness of what we give to receive are ever present, even though something as commonplace as a mug.

Sustainability and bounty are other elements that come into play when discussing objects mean to hold, present, and store food. These forms excite me not simply for the technical challenges, but for how they can be used to instigate small yet sustainable changes into our daily lives. It is a way to be fully aware not only within our own moments, but on a more global scale as well.

Repetition and rhythm have become a meditation of sorts through my process of making, along with a keen awareness of memory. Cattail grass surrounding sandy shores, the blue sheen of frozen lake water, the green of fresh spring grass- such vibrant sensations and a deep understanding of memory inform the surfaces and motifs present on my pots- composed of repetitive actions, yet never perfectly replicated. 


Morgan Rairigh is a studio potter living in Ringoes, NJ. She received her BFA from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University in May of 2017. She continues to study under master potter John Fulwood at Kissimmee River Pottery in Flemington, NJ and is currently on staff as an instructor. In addition to teaching and maintaining her own studio practice, Morgan works as an Account Manager at Witherspoon Media Group. 


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